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Safe to Bank Online. Safe to Shop Online. Safe to Socially Network.

When you browse the internet, regardless of whether you already use desktop security software, your data is at risk from cyber-criminals using sophisticated spyware and phishing attacks.

All the leading desktop security software detect less than 50% of new malware and phishing attacks.

Real-time solution

Unique 'real-time' solution that protects ANY data you enter into ANY website.


Patented 'scrambler' ensures that your keystrokes are routed safely to the internet.

Anti-key logging

Anti-key logging technology also prevents prevents malware taking pictures of your screen in order to steal your data.


Only SentryBay’s world-leading tech- niques can identify a scam phishing site from the second it is launched. Its warning shield will let you know whenever you have unwittingly been lured to a false site.

I feel so much safer shopping online now - and I love the scrambler!

Joanna, London