ID Theft Protection Suite by Robert Siciliano

ID Theft Protection Suite...
Making the Difference

“In response to the growing threat of identity theft, I teamed up with the internet security experts at SentryBay to create my ID Theft Protection Suite. This suite is unique because it protects every keystroke you make – into every website. Plus it provides you with real-time protection from scam sites. This proactive protection is the best I have seen to keep you safe online. I don’t use the net without it!”
Robert Siciliano, October 2009
    Siciliano, in conjunction with SentryBay, has developed the ID Theft Protecton Suite. This software protects users when they are entering personal and financial data on the net. This advanced protection is designed to operate alongside all anti-virus or desktop security suites to provide complete real-time security for your online identity.    
    The following table summarises the differences between Siciliano’s ID Theft Protection Suite and conventional desktop security suites.    
  ID Theft Protection Suite by Robert Siciliano Comparison Table  

Real-Time Protection – See for yourself

Siciliano’s ID Theft Protection Suite protects every keystroke you make providing real-time protection from malicious software. Just plug and play with no set-up or configuration needed.

Your scrambler will show how each keystroke you make is replace by a fake random keystroke – which is what spyware picks up. Screen captures are also prevented, as are attacks at other areas of a user’s operating system. ID Theft Protection Suite has more levels of protection and provides more comprehensive data security than any other solution.

The ID Theft Protection Suite’s regular reports will let you know what threats you are being protected from.

But don’t just rely on what we say – check out what West Coast Labs said after finding we could protect against all key loggers and phishing attacks – even brand new attacks...>
    West Coast Labs

“The results of this testing along with the low system resources impact shows that with these solutions, SentryBay (ID Theft Protection Suite) are offering valuable incremental layers of protection to users attempting to protect their personal data.”

Quote from West Coast Labs - May 2009.
  ID Theft Protection Suite by Robert Siciliano