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What do SentryBay products do?

      SentryBay’s solutions are designed to provide real-time protection against electronic data theft and identity theft, allowing a user to browse and use the internet more safely. SentryBay’s solutions are able to prevent data capture without needing to identify malware itself. Thus the software provides a complementary yet more proactive level of protection than that offered by conventional anti-malware solutions.  

Can I install on more than 1 PC?

      Yes. You can install and use the software on up to 3 PC’s and Laptops.  

Can I use the SentryBay Security Suite on my Apple Mac?

      No, currently SentryBay Personal Data Protection Suite is only supported on Windows operating systems. If you have a Windows partition on your Mac then you can use SentryBay. The Personal Data Protection Suite is not supported under OSX operating systems.  

What are the minimal requirements to run the SentryBay Security Suite?

      Either Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7 (32/64bit) at least 256MB RAM, a 233Mhz processor or higher. You will also need Internet Explorer 6 or higher or Firefox 3.  

How do I know if I am protected?

      You will see the SentryBay shield and scrambler in the top right-hand corner of your Internet browser. This is your indicator that you are being protected by SentryBay. See a screenshot of the scrambler is below:  
SentryBay Scrambler

What Internet browsers are supported?

      If you install a local version of the SentryBay Security Suite on your PC/laptop, Internet Explorer 6+ and Firefox 3 are supported.  

What is a Key Logger?

      A key logger refers to a Virus, Spyware or a Trojan (all make up the term “malware”) that has the ability to monitor your activities, then send the data to the writer of the malware. The SentryBay Security Suite automatically prevents all such malware from stealing your personal data.  

What is a Phishing Site?

      A Phishing site is a fake web site that pretends to be a legitimate site to try and coerce you into entering personal details, usually relating to bank account details, usernames, passwords, credit card details, etc.  

What happens if I go to a Phishing site?

      If you navigate to a Phishing site your browser will automatically display a warning page to prevent you entering your personal details. If you choose to you can ignore the warning and proceed to the site.  
SentryBay Phishing Warning ‹rollover to view warning screen

Which web sites are protected against Phishing?

      There are a large number of sites that you are automatically protected against, too many to list here which cover all the main categories of the web such as; Banking & Finance, Payment Processing, Auction sites, Utilities, Entertainment, Social Networking, etc. The list of protected sites is growing all the time and your software will automatically update itself with these new sites.  

I have a problem with the software, can I get help?

      Yes, if we are unable to answer your question from this FAQ then you can open a support request by contacting SentryBay Support.